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Adam Roberts

Let me introduce myself: my name is Adam Lee Roberts I have been studying Martial arts for over 26 years.

I have continued  to train in disciplines which include Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and some Judo. I have trained both locally and internationally with well known personalities such as former UFC Champion Randy Couture, former UFC Champion and King of Pancrase Bas Rutten, former world K1 Heavyweight Champion Ray Sugar Foot Seffo. I am a fully certified personal trainer with both my certificates 3 and 4 in fitness as a gym instructor and personal trainer.

I decided to start The Best Don’t Rest MMA to cater for people who want to learn new techniques. My aim is to provide a fun safe ego free training environment with strict guidelines to ensure a happy and safe environment where everyone has an opportunity to progress at their own pace. I cater for all different skill levels from the beginner wanting to improve their fitness and build confidence, and defend themselves, to the advanced student wanting to push the limits to evolve to the best most dynamic martial artist they can be.

I also run classes that cater specifically for people who have disabilities.

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Adam Roberts
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