Anti Bullying Jujutsu

anti-bullying class

Old School Japanese Ju Jitsu

Attention parents and guardians! Are you looking for a fun and safe way for your child to learn self-defense while also building their confidence? Look no further than our Children's Anti Bullying Classes!

Our classes use the time-tested techniques of Japanese Ju Jitsu to teaching children how to defend themselves against bullies in a fun and engaging way. But it's not just about self-defense; our classes are designed to help children develop a strong sense of self-confidence and discipline, all while getting fit and having fun!

Our classes are held in a safe and ego-free environment, where your child will learn valuable skills that will serve them for a lifetime. And the best part? The first class is absolutely free!

But act fast! Positions are limited and we are capping classes at just 10 students.


Children 7 years old and up are welcome.

Give your child the gift of confidence and self-defense.

Enroll them in our Children’s Anti Bullying Classes today

Course Info

  • Course Price: $100 /month

  • Course Duration:60mins

  • Class Intensity:Medium

  • Class Name:Anti Bullying Jujutsu