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Khalid Ahmad

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I have been training under Adam Lee Roberts at The Best Don’t Rest Mixed Martial Arts for around 4 years now and hope to continue for many years to come. Even since the first session I had with Adam as a newbie to his gym, but not the training, I was welcomed in to a warm, safe and friendly environment where all who were there to train had 0 ego and were there to learn, train and make some friends and not simply beat on you or show you who was better. I always have a great time that always left me wanting more and coming back. He has helped improved skills that I already had greatly and taught me many more to add to my skill set while always giving a great and fun workout that really pushed you. Adam is a great guy to train with and I am glad to say we have become good friends in the process. He certainly gives you his personal time when training at his gym which is something I found not really there at other places I have trained before and is a sincere, considerate fun loving guy. He is also a drill sergeant for when you need it and isn’t afraid to make sure you aren’t slacking off and give it your all so as to get the most out of each session. I would call our gym a brotherhood/family style feel where we are friends and thoroughly enjoy training with each other and have Adam kicking our asses. He is always teaching us something new and helping us grow in our fitness goals. He is happy to train you at YOUR level when in group classes or PT classes and makes sure to give everyone his time and attention. Male or female, beginners or experienced, whether wanting to simply get fit or to maybe trade some leather, The Best Don’t Rest Mixed Martial Arts is a great gym to join and Adam Roberts is a great coach and trainer. A great crew to train with where we all respect one another and happy to share our knowledge with everyone willing to learn. All you need to do is bring a smile and yourself and you will enjoy all to be had. Can’t talk up Adam or his gym enough. If I don’t he will beat me up in sparring hahaha. A great place where I am very happy to train at and very glad to have met Adam.